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Andi Demitri

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Andi Demitri - Tattoo Artist Spokane

My name is Andi and I'm a tattoo artist in Spokane, WA. I mainly specialize in illustrative work, somewhere between realism and cartoons, but I can tattoo most styles. I love doing both black and grey and color but I definitely enjoy color more. I also really enjoy doing cover-ups. They are like puzzles in a way and I love the challenge. As far as content goes, I love doing things on the darker spectrum like horror and gore, but I also absolutely love doing flora and fauna.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and came to Spokane in 2010 for a tattoo apprenticeship. I got luckier than some because I didn't have to pay for my apprenticeship, all I had to do was move up here. So, two weeks after getting the proposal, I left California and flew up here all by myself not knowing a single person.

My boss and coworkers were a bit rough around the edges, but they were the foundation that started my career. I learned all the basics there but didn't have much hands on time actually tattooing. My boss ended up moving back to California after about a year of me working there and I was on the mission to find another shop. Unfortunately, all the shops in town wanted someone who had at least 5 years of experience and I only had about a year under my belt. So I ended up just working out of my house and tattooing family and friends to practice and get better.

I attended college during this time and got my Associates of Fine Arts Degree. During my time in school I met someone who would soon come to be my coworker. After getting my degree, I saw a post on Facebook from this person looking for a couple new artists to work at All About It Tattoo. I sent some pictures of my work and was told to come in. After 8 years on my own, rarely tattooing when I could, my work was still unpolished and lacking in a lot of ways. After I came to All About It and had some mentoring from Justin Tyme, my work skyrocketed. I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity and teachings he has provided.

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